Who’s Cherry?

My whole world was turned upside down when I found out my dream job of all my life, working for a Big 4 firm, was not giving me any fulfillment both mentally and financially.

I was still struggling to buy a house after years of working in corporate, so I forced myself to live in a car to save for enough down payment (hello LA million-dollar houses!). Unexpectedly, I also had an epiphany while enduring #carlife. Without all the clutter and distractions in my apartment, I realized that I was truly unhappy at my job and I am more than my corporate salary.

As much as I like the stability of having a job in finance, it was just simply not enough.

I wanted to create something for myself, by myself, to break that income ceiling that my corporate job set me. As someone who has been building an online brand for years on the side of my corporate career, my natural instinct is to start creating multiple income streams online!

Through my 7 years of experience and constant experimentation, I’ve figured out the 4C Framework that not only helped me go from corporate prisoner to millionaire business-owner, but also helped my clients make money beyond their 9 to 5s.

Today, I help working professionals just like past self to manage money and create multiple income streams. On average, my clients are able to create at least 3 new income streams while working with me!

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