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I’m a wealth coach who helps working professionals like you break through your salary limit by managing your $ and building multiple income streams


My world was
turned upside down

I realized my dream job of my life was not giving me any fulfillment both mentally and financially.

After forcing myself to live in a car to save money for a down payment here in LA, a positive side effect is that I also gained a lot more clarity about what I really want to do in life.

Today, I’ve help working professionals learn about money management and income stream creation!

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Transition from Corporate Prison to Financial Freedom

When I found out my dream job of all my life was not giving me any fulfillment both mentally and financially.

Even with a full time job, I still felt far from my dream of being a home owner in LA, so far that I had to sleep in my car to save more money for the down payment. Luckily, several years later I broke free from the salary limit and decided to teach others how to do it!

Today, I help working professionals to increase their income streams, even while working their 9 to 5s!

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On average, my clients create 3 new income streams while working with me.


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