You are more
than your salary

I went from being a slave to my 9-5 to retiring from corporate at 25 years old as a millionaire with a passive income machine! Now, I’m helping other working professionals achieve financial freedom by creating and feeding their passive income machinie!

My world was
turned upside down

I realized my dream job of my life was not giving me any fulfillment both mentally and financially.

After forcing myself to live in a car to save money for a down payment here in LA, a positive side effect is that I also gained a lot more clarity about what I really want to do in life.

Today, I’ve help working professionals learn about money management and income stream creation!

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Transition from Rat Race to Financial Freedom

I was one of those people who drank the corporate kool-aid and tied my identity to my job title 100%.

Even with working 80 hour work weeks and skipping weekends and holidays, I was still far from my financial goals with just a 9 to 5. That’s why I decided to pursue the path of multiple income streams.

With multiple income streams and a passive income machine, I was ale to become a millionaire at 24 years old and retire from corporate at 25 years old. Today, I help working professionals to create their own passive income machines and achieve financial freedom!

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Wealth Training for those who desire more in life

On average, my students create 3 new income streams that fund their passive income machine after learning from me.

Here are some working professionals just like you who decided to work with me!

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