You are capable of retiring early while being your bougie AF self

I went from slaving away at my 9-5 job to retiring from corporate at 25 years old, all thanks to my Passive Income Ecosystem! Now, I’m helping bougie AF creators create their own Passive Income Ecosystem to retire from anything out of alignment!

I realized my dream job of my life was not giving me enough fulfillment both mentally and financially.

My world was turned upside down

After 4 years of college, I ended up working for Big 4 Accounting, making $59,000 a year. It was far from enough for my expensive taste. – So I started creating income streams outside of my 9 to 5 income. That’s the birth of the Passive Income Ecosystem! The same system that retired me from corporate at 25.

Today, I help abundant-minded, entrepreneurial creators expand their income streams via the Passive Income Ecosystem. Wanna know how? Click the button below to watch my free training about it!

Meet the Fam







Transition from Rat Race to Financial Freedom

I was one of those people who drank the corporate kool-aid and tied my identity to my job title 100%.

That was the #1 thing that kept me stuck at my job, until they fired me when my mental health hit rock bottom. It was a wakeup call. I was fortunate to have a Passive Income Ecosystem that protected me from entering back in the toxic work environment and helped me focus on healing… and I want that for you too!

This is why I am obsessed with talking about the Passive Income Ecosystem – and why I’m so eager to show you how to do it too!

Wanna see what happens when you implement what I teach?

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