Essential Tools

Whether you’re a 9 to 5 worker, a coach, or an entrepreneur—
I’ve got you!

Let me save you some time and share with you some of my all-time favorite productivity enhancement weapons that I guarantee will sky-rocket your life and business!


As a Wealth Coach, I really am no design expert. Yet, Canva makes it so easy to create designs that even as someone with 0 design background, I'm able to create professional looking graphics for my social media platforms.


Tubebuddy is what I use to analyze all my YouTube analytics + SEO optimization! I've been a loyal customer for 4 years now.


Are you looking for an ESP (Email Service Provider)? Convertkit is the simpliest, most versatile and affordable ESP I've used. You can use it to build landing pages, automation and more!


As a loyal user Trello for 6+ years now... I've got to say, this is one of my favorite ways to get organized. I use Trello to organize my business, my copy, my coaching clients' progress and more! Have I mentioned that Trello is also free to use?


Tired of paying so much fees with PayPal transfer? Check out Transferwise. This is the service I use to pay all my overseas contractors. It's quick, a lot less fees than most mainstream transfer services. (up to $600 waived for your first transfer!)


This is my #1 tool when it comes to scheduling Instagram posts. So easy to use and so reliable!


Acuity is my go-to when it comes to scheduling my coaching sessions. It is easy to use, reliable, and has a sleek user interface.


Tired of manually importing your Facebook group member's info? GroupLeads allows you to auto-import your Facebook group members' detail into a Google Spreadsheet. Talk about efficiency!


This is the platform I use to host my courses and coaching programs! It has a super user-friendly interface for both the instructor and the student. It's also affordable compared to most online course platforms!

My Masterlist

Looking for more ways to churn credit cards and bank accounts? Check out the spreadsheet I've created to compile all the good deals out there!

M1 Finance

My favorite platform when it comes to dividend investing. It's super easy to use, has functions of automatic dividend reinvesting, automatic stock allocation, and a ton of low cost index funds to choose from!

Personal Capital

The only platform I use to track my net worth. The automatic generated graphs makes it super easy to keep track of your net worth growth over time!


Want to get 2 free stocks, the second one valued up to $1400? Simply click this link, deposit $100 and claim your 2 free stocks. Remember, you are free to withdraw your $100 after claiming your free stocks!


Would you like to receive $200 from Chase just by opening a checking account with them?

Amazon Items

Wondering where I got all my YouTube equipment? My home decor? Find them all here!

Mint Mobile

The most affordable phone plan I've used since coming to LA. $15 per month!


Want to get $10 for free, just from shopping? Here ya go!

Note: Some of these are my affiliate links, which means I may get affiliate income for recommending my favs to you. There might also be special deals you can get exclusively with my link— you’re welcome!

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