Guilt Free Money


Are you sick of feeling stuck and limited at your 9 to 5 job, but the fear of unknown is keeping you from taking the leap and diving nose first into full time entrepreneurship? Or, maybe you’re staying at your job because of the financial stability and responsibility. Maybe you’re staying at your full time corporate job for the professional network? Healthcare benefits? Visa reason? Whatever the reason is… I’m here to tell you that 


Who said full time employees cannot achieve financial success? Who said 9 to 5 employees are unable to be financially free? I’m a living example of how it is definitely possible to build 13 streams of income, with a demanding full time job, and achieve financial freedom!


There are so many benefits to having a job while you build your financial future. First of all, you will have money to invest in your knowledge, skillset and side hustles. You will have steady income to build your financial foundations – that will eventually turn into FINANCIAL FREEDOM! 

Guilt Free Money

Fundamentals to Personal Finance - Manage your Own Money

Are you an ACTION TAKER?

Simply thinking, wanting and even planning is not enough. To make massive changes to your current income situation, you will need to TAKE ACTION. You will need to do the work. You will need to get uncomfortable. You will need to learn!

Are you HUNGRY for knowledge?

The only way for you to take action towards your financial goals is for you to learn the How-To’s. I can coach you through the How-To’s, but you have be hungry for the knowledge. No one is able to learn the material for you. No one will care about your financial goals more than yourself!

Are you prepared to financially invest in yourself to reach your income goals? If so, Why?

Putting skin in the game keeps you accountable. It will transform your money mindset, from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. If I were to name one single thing that served as the tipping point of my wealth journey, it would be the investments I’ve made on myself. When I was trying to save on rent by living in my car, I was dropping thousands of dollar on courses. Investing in yourself is the best form of investment you can make. 



The first step of personal finance is to get rid of any limiting beliefs.from coaching my 1:1 clients, I learned that ⁠

👉Most people have mental blockage and limiting beliefs about money.⁠

They have thoughts like:⁠

👉Making money is difficult⁠

👉Making money is scary⁠

👉Money is reserved for other people⁠

👉I don’t deserve getting paid more⁠

👉I shouldn’t get paid for doing this/ teaching this⁠

👉No one will pay for my services⁠

👉I feel bad charging for my work⁠

How are you supposed to build a wealthy life if you have these limiting beliefs?⁠


No matter how much you make, it doesn’t matter if you don’t save! 


Working in the lucrative tech industry, I see too many high income earners living paycheck to paycheck.


You might think… how can six figure earners live paycheck to paycheck?


Well… it can happen if they spend it all!


Saving does not just require discipline, but also hacks and strategies! I teach you all my hacks and strategies to save more without feeling deprived!


Instead of working for money, you should make money work for you.


You probably heard of this before, but don’t know where to start.


How do you make money work for you?


A simple answer is INVEST!


In my course, Guilt Free Money, I teach you all the fundamentals to stock market investing, from growth investing, dividend investing, to building your retirement portfolio!


Instead of just working for money, you’ll be able to have MONEY WORK FOR YOU!


  • BONUS #1 PERSONAL BRANDING: How to build your brand online to start making money?
  • BONUS #2 ATTENTION ECONOMY: How to profit off of attention?
  • BONUS #3 MORNING RITUAL: How to build a morning ritual to prepare yourself for a successful day and life?
  • BONUS #4 YOUTUBE GROWTH SECRETS: How to grow a successful YouTube channel in 2020?
  • BONUS #5 SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME: How to stop analysis paralysis and stay focused on your goals?


Your results are 100% based on what you put into the program

So far, I have a 100% success rate with all my students but that’s because they’ve put in the work and are disciplined to make their dreams a reality!


This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a magic pill.

As your coach, I am here to support you and guide you through your income stream building journey.

Don't WAIT another day.
Don't live with REGRETS.
The earlier you START,

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