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from $5K to $41K

"Thanks to Cherry's Marie Kondo effect I was able to grow my YouTube channel from 79 to over 1K subscribers in under a year (monetization included!!)
I got my portfolio from $5K to $41K in the same amount of time"

- Matt @stock_overflow

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You are more than your salary in so many ways.


How to stop the leak!

Living paycheck to paycheck? Not knowing how to finally up-level your net worth? Feeling like there is no way to retain wealth? Learn mindset and lifestyle adjustments to finally save enough money to build up your net worth!


Make your money work for you!

Stop chasing after money! Allow money to work for you and create passive income in your sleep by investing in the stock market. My step-by-step approach of picking the perfect stock and building my 6 figure portfolio in a year.


Hello Multiple Income Streams!

Just having 1 income stream does not get you to true financial freedom. A job is unpredictable. Just having a business is not reliable. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Let's expand your income streams into multiple income stream.


Live life on your own terms

Do you want to retire early? Continue working at a job you love? Volunteer full time? No matter what your ideal life is, we can make it happen! Guilt Free Money helps you live life and spend money, guilt free!

Who am I?

I'm a wealth coach with a 7 figure net worth and 17 income streams, and my mission is to help 9 to 5 employees create full time income with multiple income streams so they can finally be financially independent from their J.O.B and achieve "work optional"!

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