Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Early Retirement Academy

1.  I am “over-invested in courses right now”

A: This is not your average course. this is a course designed to get you to take action and see results within 30 days.

2. I don’t have enough time to go through your course

A: Most of my students have busy lives and schedules. that’s one of the main reasons why they want to retire from their current lifestyle. yet, all of them are able to complete my course with ease, since my lessons are designed to be short, concise, to the point and actionable!

3. I need to finish my other courses first

A: Do you need to finish your other courses first? Isn’t early retirement more important to you? why did you sign up to this training in the first place?

4. 1 year access is too little time

my program is designed to be completed in 30 days if you dedicate yourself to it. Between 30 days and a full year, that’s a lot of wiggle room! I have yet to seen someone run out of time with one full year access to my course. The one year access is just to motivate you to take action right now, instead of letting the course sit on the shelf collecting dust “virtually”

5. I have been burned by courses in the past and don’t trust courses anymore

A: If I’ve had food poisoning in the past, does that mean I shouldn’t trust eating anymore? No… right? Do you want to live your life based on fear? Lead your life with fear? This is not just any course. This is a course packed with tons of coaching from me. To call it a course… is not so accurate. This is more like a coaching program with a full pre-recorded curriculum that you can take at your own pace.

6. I don’t have the money to buy your course

A: Do you really not have the money, or do you just want to prioritize something else? I’ve made it work in the past. I made lifestyle sacrifices, such as live in my car, to spend thousands in courses because I know that improving myself and knowledge base is the first step to making more money.

7. I don’t know if YOU can actually help me retire early

A: I get it. Maybe you just met me and haven’t learned enough about me. Well, here are some places you can learn about me: my Youtube, my Instagram, my tiktok – they all have years of content on personal finance and FI/RE. If you don’t fully trust me yet, I can also send you some testimonials written by my students. Those who took my course and left their feedback. There almost 100 entries so just DM on IG with the keyword, testimonials, and I’ll send them to you!

8. It’s not clear how YOU can take an average person and help them create passive income streams

A: It’s not supposed to be “clear”, because this is not your average get rich quick with my drop-shipping course type of program. This program is designed to include lots of coaching because the intention is to help you find income streams that are tailored to you, that are in alignment, not just any cookie cutter income stream shoved down your throat.

9. People who have seen success seem to already have businesses

not true at all! every single student who created income stream under my guidance did not have a successful business that generated consistent income. every success story that you are seeing right now happened after my students learned from me.

10. It doesn’t seem like it is personalized enough

A: It’s because you haven’t started the program yet! Once you start, you will see the magic of the “choose-your-own-adventure” passive income ecosystem. All the tools will be given to you, and you get to choose which income streams you want to pursue. After you make your decision, if you need help, I will provide as much coaching as you need!

11. There were too many separate packages

A: It’s just one thing! The 4 part passive income ecosystem that leads to early retirement. All the others are bonuses that I include along with the core curriculum

12. I don’t know how your course/system works

A: It’s a 4 part passive income ecosystem that leads to early retirement, and the 4 parts are saving, investing, expanding (income streams) and living (with early retirement).

13. Everything seems so intangible

A: It’s intangible because you haven’t joined! The most common feedback I get for my course is: everything is to the point and actionable.

14. Not enough details about the course was provided

A: There are so many lessons to go through in this one hour training! the best way to find out about the details is to join my program!

15. So many gurus out there, Hard to tell who’s class is legit and actually give you the details to help you succeed versus high level overview stuff.

A: I hear you. I’ve taken my fair share of courses too and I did buy some high level stuff – and I hated it. That’s why I’ve specifically made my course super concise, to the point, and actionable, so it’s not just high level fluff. Even my students’ most common feedback is: all the lessons are actionable, helpful and to the point.

16. Cost and package sounded like I would not be receiving one on one personalized coaching.

A: You will be receiving 1:1 coaching via the private client portal. It will be open to you 24/7 and I will provide coaching during business hours M-F, 9-5! It’s a steal for how much value you get so i get why you think it does not include 1:1 personalized coaching

17: My main concern is the value – of the investment and whether I’d make it back.

we did the math! even if you just retire by one year earlier than before, you are making back 30x your investments!

18. How much to invest and or save is needed

A: There is no specific about that you need to save and invest in order to see results. I say, save and invest what you can, as the expand module will also teach you how to expand your income streams so you are not limited by what you current have.

19. I’m not comfortable doing other income streams that involve course creating and coaching, YouTube channels, or social media marketing. I’m more comfortable with stock market investing and more introvert types of income streams.

A. First of all, I’m an introvert too! If you want to eliminate limiting beliefs about being and introvert, I can definitely coach you through that. Second of all, this is a choose-your-own-adventure program, which means you are never forced to do anything you don’t want to. Don’t like YouTube? Don’t do it! It’s all up to you, which adventure and income stream you choose.

20. I want to be able to hear from former clients independently.

A: Sure! DM me and I will share some of my previous students’ social media handle with you!

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